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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you know if a person needs orthodontic treatment?
What are the signs or symptoms of orthodontic problems?
At what age should an orthodontist see my child? Do all baby teeth have to fall before initiating orthodontic treatment?
Can you be too old for braces?
Will orthodontic treatment hurt?
Can I still have braces if I have missing teeth?
What is Phase I (Early Interceptive Treatment) and Phase II treatment?
What is Full or Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment?
Does everyone need a Phase I treatment?
What is the length or duration of orthodontic treatment?

The Damon System of Braces

Are all braces the same?
How long does treatment take?
Since the Damon System works so quickly, does that mean it is harsh or unsafe?
Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?
Aren't braces big and bulky?
Does insurance cover Damon System treatment?
How can Damon braces help improve my smile?


How much does Invisalign® cost?
Does Invisalign® really work?
Does insurance cover Invisalign®?
What are aligners made of?
What do aligners look like?
How does Invisalign® effectively move teeth?
What is the minimum age of a patient that a doctor can treat with Invisalign®?