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"Having a nice smile is really important, what it does is it projects that you’re a confident person, that you’re engaging, and people actually want to be around you."
- John Anderson,
"When you see someone smiling, whether it’s an adult or a child you want to be around them because that smile makes you feel like you want to be closer to them."
- Chandra Vancova,
"Having teeth that just look good- it shows a lot of confidence. You’re more inclined to go out and speak in front of people, introduce yourself to more people."
- Sam Kromstain,
"My treatment only took seven and a half months so it was really quick. A lot quicker than I expected and I think it was only a matter of maybe four or five appointments total. I tell people it’s definitely worth it, I loved the treatment."
- Julie Herzigova,

Experts Comments

"I had braces when I was sixteen. I believe the treatment was about a year and a half. I remember how extremely painful it was. The elastics that he used were so uncomfortable. This time my treatment has been much more comfortable. It has only taken nine months which is a big improvement. I’m really looking forward to when my daughter’s old enough and has her permanent teeth so she can have a quick and comfortable experience with braces and get the smile that she really deserves…"
- Alessandra Ambrosio,
"I just got my braces off and I’m very excited! I had been told by other people that they thought I’d have to wear them for at least two years so I kind of put it off. Two years is a long time, but when I was told ten to twelve months with Insignia I had to go for it…"
- Jessica Priston,